Ice Climbing Festival Kandersteg 2012

This weekend was the weekend of the 13th Ice Climbing Festival in Kandersteg. I have mixed feelings about this year festival. I still don't know if it was organized good or bad. On one hand routes were so simple and straightforward, that you don't need any experience at all to climb it. This was probably the main disappointment for experienced climbers, who expected to climb long hard routes, with some figure 4s and so on. But on the other hand it was easier for the new comers to test what is dry tooling. Moreover time for climbing the route was very limited, and this made it very similar to speed climbing. One of the cons about speed climbing is that you don't need to wait for your turn to climb too long and it is also more spectacular for audience. In addition there was presentation from Ueli Steck about how to climb mountains fast and light! ) So maybe this was the idea of organizers!!! :) Climbers just need to know how to climb fast!!! Anyway, I was really impressed by presentation of Ueli Steck "Speed Himalaya" as well as by presentation "Spray On!" (Tim Emmett and Will Gadd). These guys know how to reach their goals. The culmination of the Festival was definitely unforgettable party, where Markus and Jack showed what is real striptease. At the end I want to thank Denise and all my friends who came with me and without whom this party wouldn't be so awesome. Also special thanks for coming goes to Russian team: Anna Galyamova, Vova Belousov, and Sergey Zheludkov. Hope to see all of them in Saas-Fee. For the moment just few pictures from phone.


1. Patrik Aufdenblatten (SUI)
2. Markus Bendler (AUT)
3. Nikolay Primerov (RUS/SUI)

1.Petra Klingler (SUI)
2.Perta Muller (SUI)
3. Lucie Hrozova (CZE)
4. Felicitas Feller (SUI)
Denise on qualification route

Felicitas on qualification route

Felicitas just before ringing the bell
Men finalists

Denise, Jerome and Cindy enjoying party

Drunken team from Lausanne

Sam, me and Stephanie

Denise as usual parting with the best climbers, Tim Emmett and Jerome Blanc-Gras


  1. Поздравляю! Да ты крут еще я посмотрю ))) есть еще порох! молодца

  2. А почему Вы там все голые?))